Performance Of' Bachelor Of Education (science) Graduates Of Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (upsi) From The Pkpg Programme: A Survey

Salih, Maria (2006) Performance Of' Bachelor Of Education (science) Graduates Of Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (upsi) From The Pkpg Programme: A Survey. In: Persidangan Biologi Kebangsaan, 26-28 Jun 2006, Kuala Lumpur,malaysia.

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This study aims to measure the performance of Bachelor of Education (Science) graduates that enrolled into the university via the PKPG (Program Khas Pensiswazahan Guru) programme package. It is part of a series of ongoing studies on the performance of the Bachelor of Education (Sceicne) graduates from the different mode of entry into Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI). The PKPG is a special programme introduced by the Teacher Education Division, Ministry of Education in 1998 with the mission to upgrade teachers with a Teaching certification and Diploma of Education to a degree level. Sixty Bachelor of Education science graduates from the year 2001 to 2004 were randomly selected as samples for this study. The instruments comprised of (i) a graduate perception questionnaire, (ii) student’s perception questionnaire and (iii) graduates’ performance appraisal checklist. The PKPG science graduates agreed that the subject matter knowledge offered by the Faculty of Science and Technology in the science programme (AT16) package is relevant and sufficient for them to use and apply in the classroom. However, they disagree with the statements that they have acquired enough pedagogical skills for them to practice in the classroom. This finding is in accordance with the students’ perception of their teaching in the classroom. The student agree taht the PKPG science graduates have a sound knowledge of the subject matter. However, the students agree that the graduates still lacked the pedagogical skills to motivate them, to make learning fun, to utilise the various teaching resources and teaching strategies as well as using as many examples as possible in the teaching process. The graduates’ performance appraisal further supported the above findings when it was observed that these graduates lacked several components in the teaching practice domain (practicum) – 43.2% leadership – and community – 33% and on-going professional learning – 33%. The data obtained provided some useful information regarding the Bachelor of Education (Science) Programme (AT16) offered at the University. It also provides valuable insights as to the qualities of the graduates produced from the PKPG programme and the criteria of selection of students via the different mode of entry. The information will be used as a yard stick for future planning of the curriculum as well as intake of students into the programme. The feedback obtained from this study will also be used to plan for a series of future studies of this nature with the other respective groups. It is hoped that this study will assist in the formulation of future teachers’ development programme for effective teacher training.

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